Camper Pack – Camp Jimbelung

Camper Pack

Thanks for your interest in your child attending Camp Jimbelung. The Camper Pack walks you through the steps to find out about Camp Jimbelung and apply for your child to attend. If you have any questions about any of these steps, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1

Please read our camper skills guide to gain an understanding of the skills that will help your child get the most from the camp experience.

Step 2

Read the frequently asked questions page to learn about how Camp Jimbelung works and the activities your child will have the opportunity to participate in. You can also use the contact page to email or phone us with any other questions that you have.

Step 3

Registration for camp is NOW OPEN. Please complete the 2021 Camp Jimbelung Application Form to apply for your child to attend camp.

If your child has never been a client of Early Start Australia, we ask that you bring your child in for a one-off startup session to meet with a therapist to talk about what you would like for your child to get out of their camp experience. Your camp application and deposit will be processed following this meeting.  NOTE: If you live outside the Gold Coast area this startup session can be conducted over the phone or videocall so please just mention this when booking your startup session.

Step 4
Once your application is accepted you will be contacted by Early Start Australia to confirm your child’s place in the camp group. (Yay!)