FAQ – Camp Jimbelung

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Frequently Asked Questions

What activities will my child do on camp?
Each age group will participate in different activities appropriate to their age. Embedded within these activities we will be intentionally teaching and practising social thinking and emotional regulation skills.

Camp activities include:

  • rock climbing
  • abseiling
  • low ropes
  • group initiatives
  • creek explore
  • shelter building
  • animal care (There are goats, ducks, sheep, chickens, alpacas and more cute creatures to care for at the Farm School!)
  • nature play
  • archery (older groups)
How much will it cost?
Camp Jimbelung is a therapeutic camp run by registered Occupational and Speech Therapists.  It is a highly supported camp experience that provides experiences and opportunities for children to work towards therapy goals, experience growth and personally develop.  Children attending camp are eligible to use funding sources including NDIS, FaHCSIA, Medicare Mental Health Plans, Private Health and CDM Team Care Plans.

Total cost in 2020 for the 3 days of camp inclusive of the therapy and the Currumbin Farm School fee was as follows:

  • 5-6 year olds – $1454.89 per child
  • 6-7 year olds – $1551.88 per child
  • 7-8 year olds – $1663.93 per child
  • 9-12 year olds – $1718.59 per child

Please note that the cost for the 2021 camp has not yet been confirmed.

Can I use my funding to pay for the camp?
As Camp Jimbelung is a therapeutic camp run by registered Occupational and Speech Therapists. Children attending camp are eligible to use funding sources including NDIS, FaHCSIA, HCWA, Medicare Mental Health Plans and CDM Team Care Plans.
Do you provide food each day?
No. Due to COVID restrictions the camp will not be catered this year. Children are asked to bring their own Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea in an appropriate container. Refrigeration unfortunately is not available for camper’s lunches.
What adult support is provided?
Creating a successful experience for each child is our highest goal for camp. To ensure the therapeutic process each group is led by two experienced Therapists and supported by Occupational Therapy students and an Outdoor Educator from the Farm School. Each group will have a ratio of 1 leader to 2-3 children.  
What supports will be in place if my child becomes upset?
Prior to camp we will gather information through the application form and contact so that our leaders have an understanding of what may be challenging for your child, as well as what you know helps your child if he or she becomes stressed or upset. Throughout camp, we will be mindful of this information and draw on it as well as our skills as Occupational and Speech Therapists to provide calming input and support to help your child.
What is the procedure if there is an emergency?
Prior to camp you will be asked to complete both an application form and a medical form, including emergency contact details for your child. The Outdoor Education staff at the Currumbin Community Farm School are qualified in First Aid and will be responsible for managing any injuries or medical situations.  
My child requires medication during the day, who is responsible for managing this?
If your child requires medication during the day this will be administered by the Therapist leading your child’s camp group. The Medication should be handed to check-in staff and a Medication Management Plan form will be completed with the parent/carer.
My child has limited verbal communication skills, would they still be able to attend?
We ask that to attend camp your child be able to initiate communication and communicate their needs to an adult through either verbal or non verbal communication. If your child can communicate through non-verbal gestures or an assistive communication tool they will be able to attend.
Are there any options for parents to attend/observe if my child has separation difficulties?
We are not able to have parents attend with their child during the day. If separation is difficult for your child we recommend actively preparing your child. Some ideas for this include familiarity with the Therapists leading their group (some therapy appointments with this therapist could possibly be arranged), photos of the camp site and creating a story about attending camp
Does my child need to receive therapy through Early Start Australia before or after camp in order to be able to attend ?
Camp Jimbelung is designed as an independent intensive therapy experience open to children regardless of where or if they participate in therapy elsewhere.
For children who do not attend Early Start Australia for therapy, we do require a short appointment in person or over Zoom as part of the application process, to ensure that camp will be a good fit and to give your child an opportunity to be familiar with the group leader prior to the start of camp. More details about this are located in the Camper Pack in the menu bar above.